The 400全讯白菜网平台 recognises that there is a need to manage water resources wisely.  它发展了一种 水的策略 since 2006 to support the aim of reducing water consumption on campus. This sets out the drivers for reducing water consumption, our targets for reduction 而且 a range of water reduction projects. More details 而且 targets can be found in the 能源和水资源管理战略



Our current targets 而且 some examples of how we are going to achieve them can be accessed through the 可持续发展目标文件.




A student project reviewed the information available about cup washing for students on campus.  A new sink for washing re-use Keep Cups was installed as a result.   


可持续发展目标标志为6.12 .清洁水和卫生.负责任的消费和生产